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Music as a Plastic Art

Music, Noise, And Musing About Noising

gesture and spectral space

Pierre Schaeffer considered calling electroacoustic art Music Plastique, but taking a stance in opposition to what he heard as overly formalised music, he opted for Music Concrete. This caused mass confusion to non-French speakers, but also led the way to concrète renforcée, the version of which I gravitate towards, usually called 'Acousmatics'.


I'd like to say my research projects are significant and far reaching, but really, I'm just keeping an ear out for what's out there. Sometimes I like to get skilled intuitive players, like free improvisors, and get them to mimic auditory scores. I've written about it in my PhD. Look for 'Aural Models' (it's an auditory score really). I get given a little grief about it when I refer to it as acousmatic, but I have proof.

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